The Conor McGregor Show (UFC 178 Post Press)

Posted on Sat, 14 January 2017 in -- At a time when MMA needed a hero, in came a brash witty young man from Ireland. The Conor McGregor phenomena is "bigger than anything I've ever seen before," said UFC president Dana White at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference. After the event, where 10-percent of the tickets sold in Las Vegas were to fans from Ireland, McGregor held court fielding questions from the punch – was it legit or not – to his injured hand going into the fight to holding the championship belt. You would think that McGregor was already the champ and the main eventer as even the champion, Demetrious Johnson – arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world – was only asked one question at a press conference for an event he headlined, only to sit in Conor McGregor's shadow.