NATE DIAZ RIPS Dana White Over Rematch With Conor McGregor

Posted on Sat, 14 January 2017 in
Do you agree with Nate Diaz? ►► Comment below! JOIN THE TYTSPORTS TEAM and SUBSCRIBE! ► UFC 200 is set for July 9 in Las Vegas and Dana White announced multiple fights for the stacked card that will commemorate another major milestone for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The headlining fights include a rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor Mcgregor (at 170 pounds), as well as an interim title fight between Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo. Diaz was not pleased that McGregor was granted an immediate rematch and ripped into Dana White for it: “Since that last fight, have you heard any praise for me from Dana or the UFC? None at all. How much praise has that motherf--ker got? I've never lost a fight and not wanted to fight the guy 10 minutes later. The UFC is pumping him up again, saying he wants to redeem himself and giving him all this credit for it. It's like, dude, I've been obsessed with every fight I've ever lost. This is a gift for him to get it right away.” Read more: Nate Diaz Tells Justin Bieber “Shut Your B*tch A** Up!” ► NATE DIAZ Beats The S*** Out Of Justin Bieber! [UFC 2] ► Click the link below for MORE Boxing and MMA ►► SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube LIKE us on Facebook FOLLOW us on Twitter FOLLOW us on Instagram ►► FOLLOW Francis on Twitter/Instagram ►► FOLLOW Jason on Twitter/Instagram