Conor Mcgregor - The Rise to takeover

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UFC's Conor McGregor Rise and take over, starting from 2013 All Fight Highlights and Moments in the UFC and MMA years Highlight / Story video of Conor McGregor's UFC journey so far, It was originally 15mins long with all fights but it kept on getting copyright, Like and comment Share & Subscribe Enjoy Songs are below. . Song 1.Apparat - Goodbye (Bjoern Bender Last Hope edit) Song 2. Hans Zimmer - Time ft. Satellite Empire (The Machinist Remix) Song 3. Sinead O Connor - She moved threw the fair song 4. Sinead O Connor - The Funeral Copyright Notice This video is fair use because it is non-commercial, transformative in nature, uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video's purpose, and does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on its market. For Promotional Purposes Only All rights go to respective owners. Conor Anthony McGregor (born 14 July 1988) is an Irish mixed martial artist who has primarily competed in the featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and now plans to also fight at lightweight and welterweight. He is the current UFC Featherweight Champion, and the former Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Champion. As of 7 March 2016, he is No. 8 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings and ranked as the No. 1 featherweight and No. 8 pound-for-pound fighter in the world by Sherdog McGregor was expected to face UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos on March 5, 2016 at UFC 196 in an attempt to become the first UFC dual-weight champion.[51] However, it was announced on February 23 that dos Anjos withdrew from the fight after breaking his foot a few days before.[52] McGregor instead faced Nate Diaz, who took the fight on eleven days notice, in a welterweight bout.[53] After bloodying Diaz in the first round with his striking, McGregor appeared to tire in the second round. Following a combination from McGregor, Diaz landed a jab and straight left that visibly rocked McGregor. After being repeatedly struck in the clinch by Diaz, McGregor made his way toward the center of the cage and was caught with another jab and straight left from Diaz. McGregor shot for a takedown attempt on Diaz, who caught him in guillotine. As McGregor rolled to escape, Diaz mounted him, punched him till he turned, then submitted him with a rear-naked choke.[54] In defeat, he won a record-breaking $1,000,000 disclosed fight purse.[55] At the post-fight press conference, McGregor said he will move back to featherweight to defend the title in his next bout McGregor received worldwide acclaim when he knocked out undefeated UFC featherweight champion José Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194. He is known not only for his fighting skills, but his extravagant lifestyle and trash talking On 12 December 2015, at UFC 194, McGregor defeated Aldo by knockout, thereby unifying the title in the featherweight division and became the only European male to win a UFC Championship by beating the champion. Before the opening of the first round, both Aldo and McGregor refused to touch gloves and began fighting immediately. As the fight started, McGregor took control of the center of the octagon. When Aldo got within his range, McGregor threw a straight left hand to keep him away, but missed. McGregor then followed with a leg kick that connected. As Aldo surged forward to connect with a right-left punch combination, McGregor slipped the first punch then connected with a left hook that landed on Aldo's chin and rendered him unconscious. Both left hand strikes connected, but McGregor's landed first. As Aldo fell to the ground, McGregor connected with two hammer fists before the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Within a minute, Aldo regained consciousness and was on his feet. The bout lasted 13 seconds, the fastest finish in any UFC title fight."Again, nobody can take that left-hand shot," said McGregor in the post-fight interview. "Aldo's powerful and fast. But precision beats power, and timing beats speed. And that’s what you saw there. McGregor pressures opponents with forward movement and carefully timed, powerful strikes.He is largely known for his straight left hand and switch kicks to the body, along with his spinning back kicks to the body and the head UFC 202 Mcgregor vs Diaz 2 UFC 205 Conor Mcgregor vs Eddie Alvarez ufc 205 McGregor vs alvarez ufc 205 Eddie Alvarez vs Conor Mcgregor UFC new York conor McGregor