Conor McGregor disses Floyd Mayweather in App

Posted on Sat, 14 January 2017 in
Subscribe: Conor McGregor has a new app called the MacMoji, which has dozens of emojis of him including him staring down Floyd Mayweather, standing over him with the belts, Mayweather on his knees in front of him. You have a few Money McGregor icons, naked body issue McGregor, McGregor doing the splits, red panty night, some of his favourite sayings are included in there, as well as his infamous Monster Energy Can throw, and him knocking out Floyd Mayweather. Conor introduced the app by insulting Floyd with this Instagram post captioned: Call me C.J Watson! In 2010 Mayweather's ex-girlfriend told police that text messages between her and C.J. Watson prompted the Mayweather to threaten their lives and beat her. CJ Watson has been playing in the NBA since 2007, his career free throw percentage is 81%. McGregor's is 100% Recently Mayweather made some comments about McGregor. Floyd Mayweather 6 12 14, Stephen Thompson a slight favourite against Tyron Woodley at UFC 209. Ed Herman vs Igor Pokrajac has been added to that card. Brad Pickett says: This is going to be my final dust up